Our Trainings.

At the studio, we follow teachings from the Himalayan Institute (USA).  100%YOGA is in line with this institution and selected the best of contents in addition to optimal teaching techniques in order to learn more from Yoga as a technique for the body and the mind. 300 hours of training allow you to understand the basics and have a concrete experience of yoga as inspired from life in an Ashram. Our approach in biomecanics also offers a safer practice of yoga and postures.

It includes meditations, postures, pranayama, relaxation, philosophy and psychology of yoga. It is taught by Sylvain Lonchay, Yoga Alliance Expert and a medical Doctor supervising Anatomy/Physiology contents. You will have the opportunity to have additional trainings recognized by Yoga Alliance as Sylvain Lonchay is a YACEP member (Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider)

Vizyoga: we are using Skype for some of the training and in studio for classes or workshops

The Teaching part is in one year. Our complete cursus is on 3 years.

For more individualized trainings, there is no starting date. It is up to you. Start Now!