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Here is about the yoga we offer :

Yoga can be simple and very complicated at the same time. The word in itself means “Union”

First let’s say it is no gym! it is a way to connect the inner world and the outer layer of our body.

There are several styles: here we give traditional yoga classes.

To simplify, yoga is not a physical discipline but it starts with the body and goes on but not necessarily on a mental practice level and not as an exclusive intellectual thing. In order to practice traditional yoga, let’s consider the 8 limbs

  • 1 et 2  – Codes of personal and social discipline (Nyamas & Yamas)
  • 3  – Postures (asanas)
  • 4  – Breathwork and Life Force control (pranayama)
  • 5, 6, 7 – Concentration, Meditation & Self Realization
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